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What is a Feedlot?

The feedlot is an intensive system of beef production, where the total feed consumed is supplied daily by man.The animals are in pens under strict health and nutritional control, receiving high dietary energy concentration and high digestibility. The animals are fed until they achieve a certain weight to the degree of thickening the market wants.
It seeks to allow food to produce more meat at less cost and in the shortest time possible.To achieve this objective will require years of experience to select a proper diet, good staff and facilities to provide it, strict control and monitoring of key business indicators. Not only we want to achieve high daily weight gain, but we also worry that these values ​​come accompanied by a consumption and optimal conversion efficiency that allows lower production costs. Our Feedlot has Senasa empowerment to become a supplier of livestock for slaughter destined for export.
What is Hospitality Services?
Hospitality service consists of three basic services:
Stay, Fodder and Health.

How it works?

The client brings the animals and we will deliver it to its optimum for subsequent fat removal to slaughter. 

Hospitality service infrastructure is to provide pens, feeders and drinkers, the use of the facilities, food distribution, general care and selection of the fat farm for slaughter.

Almost 30 years dedicated to livestock production and 20 years under the system of intensive feedlot with high levels of performance, guarantee our ability to deliver service excellence. 

The level and ability of our professionals and consultants enables us to continue to innovate to achieve sustainable development. Our great strength is the vocation and the constant search for excellence and continuous operational under the pillars of sustainability.

About us Location Agriculture Livestock Comercial Feedlot News
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