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Pens and Feeders
High quality pens made of larger diameter poles for optimum durability. The feeders are designed according to international standards for efficient use without waste.  The design of the mirror (facing pens) allows mixers to move empty as litlle possible.
Balance and sleeve for loading and unloading 
Strategically designed facilities for proper and efficient management of the property for loading, unloading, heavy and health.
Food Courtyard
Built on a par with the 40 that make up the feedlot pens and placed strategically to allow the lowest possible hauling chopped corn silage and thus lower the cost of the ration.
Feedlot Machinery
Art machinery to ensure a supply of food quickly and efficiently.
Data Systematization
We have an automated data collection, eliminating errors in reading scales and indices to measure precisely production, extreme rigor, the company acquired in making these numbers.

About us Location Agriculture Livestock Comercial Feedlot News
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